About Me

My life growing up and becoming a shepherd and healer

I was born on the 9th of December 1962 and lived on the Goodwood Horse Racecourse from the age of 6 to 16. I grew up in the beautiful country estate of Goodwood, located near the south coast of England, and my father was the grounds manager of the course. It was wonderful to grow up on the South Downs. When I left school, I started working on the estate farm.

Neil the Shepherd

Neil shepherding goodwood 1986Shortly after beginning work on the Goodwood Estate farm at sixteen, I found I loved working with the shepherd and flock. By the age of twenty-one, the shepherd who had been mentoring me retired, and I took over as the estate shepherd. It was a truly blessed way of life, and one I loved. Working on the hills with my three border collies to help me will forever be memories I cherish. Later, I moved to Oxfordshire to do shepherding, wishing to spread my wings.

Later on, in 1990, I moved to another farm in Surrey, but the unfortunate timing of the recession in 1993 meant there was not much money in sheep farming. So, when my contract run out, they had to sell the flock and let me go.

All was not lost; I soon found a new job as a tractor driver for Guildford Borough Council. This, too, was a job I loved and was where I would meet Peter. Peter and I would quickly become close friends; he was an amazing person, so worldly and wise, who had done so much in his lifetime.

My Spiritual Calling

In the autumn of 1994, my spiritual calling began. While seeking to keep improving myself in the personal aspects of my life, something had begun to call me; at the time, I did not know what it was or how to find it, beyond some inner voice, and the subconscious sense that it was spiritual in nature. By March of 1995 I had found what was calling me. I had a life-changing spiritual experience, prompted by my desire to seek the answer to my calling. It was then I first realised I was a spiritual being. It seemed logical to me that there must be an afterlife, perhaps even a God – the only thing I knew for certain was that, if at all possible, I had to see if there was more to find.

My Awakening

One day at work Peter came to me; he told me he knew I was having an awakening and offered to help me in my journey. What I had never known was that my old friend was a very evolved spiritual healer and medium. Peter took me under his wing as my spiritual mentor. We spent many hours together outside of work, where he taught me the foundation of how to be spiritually awoken to spirit and how to develop my latent spiritual gifts.

Neil the Healer and Medium

Neil Healer and Medium

The first person I ever healed had a myriad of physical ailments, many of which saw real improvement after our session. Seeing my ability to help people manifest was all it took to convince me that reiki was what I needed to do. Since that time, my mediumship has become somewhat blocked. Nonetheless I have had many development classes and I hope one day soon to be able to begin to give messages of love and upliftment from spirit. The gift of mediumship, the ability to connect spirits with their loved ones still here upon the Earth, is one I am very passionate about helping to unite the two realms through spiritual mediumship and I continue to seek ways to improve my ability to do this.

Neil The Reiki Master

Neil HealingIn 2015 a close friend was teaching reiki, and having heard good things about it already combined with my interest in spiritual healing I decided to start my Reiki Level One course with her in a class of 3 students. I would go on to do my Reiki Level Two after a few months, and soon I took my Reiki Master Level and finally my Reiki Master Teacher Level.

While reiki is spiritual healing, I love it so much more than any other type I have practised. It has become so much more than just a method of healing for me; it is a passion which has allowed me to make huge strides in my healing abilities and one that has allowed me to help many people both in person and on my YouTube Channel.

My Hobbies & Interests

Above all, my main passion in life is seeking my own spiritual development since my awakening in 1995, and I have sat in many development circles for spiritual awareness and mediumship. My passion for healing has spanned almost 30 years, but only in 2016 did I really fall in love with reiki. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help others in person or on YouTube. I have been blessed with the ability to communicate with spirit since my awakening. I hope soon to be able to begin to start mediumship in general. However, at this time I only use it on occasion, but have given some very evidential messages from those on the other side to those they love here. You can watch my videos here.

Website Forms

One of my hobbies since 2009 has been building website forms. These include PayPal forms, contact forms, job application forms, booking forms and many other types for different purposes. All the forms on this website are created by myself, other than the contact form.

Photography & Videography

I have a great interest in photography and videography. I have been taking photos and making videos of local events since 2012, supplying them to local newspapers free of charge and often being featured. I also enjoy videoing events and sharing them on YouTube. I make all my images free to download for those taking part in such events. Photography of the beautiful flora and fauna in my local park is also a passion.

Spiritual Development & Service

Above all my main passion in life is my own spiritual development since my spiritual awakening happened in 1995. I have in the past sat in many development circles for spiritual awareness and mediumship. My passion for healing began back in 1995. Then in 2016 I started my Reiki train and fell in love with it. It is so rewarding to help others in person or on YouTube. Amazingly, I have been able to communicate with spirit since my awakening in 1995. I hope that one day soon, that I might begin to give mediumship in general. However, at this time I only use it once in a while and have given some very evidential messages from those on the other side to those they love here. Find me on YouTube!

Spirit Earth Magazine

In July of 2018 I started a new website called Spirit Earth Magazine. This is a place for anyone with an interest in alternative spirituality and lifestyle to read our many published articles. Anyone can volunteer to be a contributor or submit a story of their own. We have many articles on all kinds of subjects and adding new articles weekly. You can visit the website here.

Spirit Earth Magazine


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