Reiki Healing
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Reiki Healing

Neil Cooper Reiki Master Healer & Teacher

Hello friends! My name is Neil Cooper, and I am an international reiki healer and teacher. I am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher in traditional Japanese Usui Shike Ryoho Reiki and Reiki-Seichem. I have been spiritual healing since 1995 when I had a spiritual awakening and my interest in all things spiritual began and took my Reiki qualifications in 2015/16. I heal in person or send out distant reiki healing. I also send healing to thousands of people every week on my YouTube Channel. They come from all around the world, and many find my reiki healing videos to be a source of great comfort, relaxation, and relief.

I began learning reiki in 2015, and soon I decided to start my Reiki Level One course in a class of 3 students. I would go on to do my Reiki Level Two after a few months, and soon I took my Reiki Master Level and then finally my Reiki Master Teacher Level. I have since taken another Reiki Master Teacher Level in the traditional Japanese “Usui Shike Ryoho Reiki” was rediscovered and created by the founder of reiki Mikao Usui in the 1920s.

While I had considered myself a good spiritual healer, with each new level of reiki that I took my healing capabilities increased. It was truly a wonderful journey in which I fell in love with Reiki. I feel reiki has allowed me to connect more deeply with ki/qi the universal life force energy than any other form of spiritual healing. I have had some incredible results with my clients, both in person and through distant healings, which is what makes this passion for healing and helping other so rewarding for me.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of complementary Japanese therapy, based on the universal energy healing called Ki in Japan or known as Qi (pronounced ‘chi’). Reiki practitioners and masters use a technique called palm healing, or ‘hands-on’ healing, through which the universal energy channels through the palms of the hand to the recipient in order to give holistic healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Some healers also may pray for the healing energy to be channelled through them from God.

Reiki was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1920’s by Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of modern-day Reiki. The history of Reiki dates back over 2600 years, when Buddhas wrote of reiki as the ‘tantra of the bright shining light’ or ‘lightning flash’. Usui Sensei hoped that Reiki would spread from Japan and bring its healing properties to many worldwide, and it has done so. In many parts of the world today reiki is respected, used and viewed as a legitimate form of spiritual healing and therapy for well-being and to balance the subtle the energy body.

Reiki uses symbols to promote certain types of healing. These symbols add more power to a certain area or needs and are used in both hands-on and distant healing. Only reiki healers are empowered to use the reiki symbols, an ability received in their attunement to the reiki source energy within the universe.

Reiki energies are spiritual in nature and essence are are received from the healing source. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing – in Japanese, the word reiki is composed of ‘rei’, meaning universal, and ‘ki’, meaning life force energy. Ki is the same type of energy as qi (chi) in China or prana energy in India.

About Reiki

I have seen reiki change lives and heal, but I have also seen it do very little. Reiki healers do not offer a cure; we offer the ability to channel healing from the universal healing source or God. How much good the healing will do is often seen as being in the control of the healing source, which has its own intelligence on how best to go about helping and how to best go about the healing of a person and their individual needs. Reiki healers will mostly give general healing without a specific target area and allow reiki to find the needs of a person independently, although at other times the healer will specifically heal on areas a client has asked for. Many reiki healers also scan their clients to find any areas that are in need of more healing.

In some cases, reiki can aid natural self-healing to take place and promote someone’s body into natural recovery – but there are no guarantees of a cure. Those who hold no faith in the power of reiki will not, in most cases, receive the healing benefits of reiki, as they have put up natural blocks to it. Reiki is most powerful for those who trust in it to help them; and it is not an exact science. Reiki works through a higher good and is guided through nature and a higher universal intelligence.

Healing animals with reiki is often easier than healing people. They have no preconceptions about reiki, and put up no blocks against it like some people’s beliefs do. Often animals are very open to the love and receiving reiki. I channel Reiki with love, and my intentions are always to help each recipient as much as possible. I place no limitations on what reiki can or cannot do for the recipient. So, this allows it to work in the best way possible to work to the highest good.

Other than personal sessions here with me, I offer remote or distant healings. The healing will travel any distance, and I will look at a photo of a person while channelling healing energy to them. The photo helps me make a better psychic and healing connection to them and avoids the need to connect via a webcam, which I sometimes offer and it works very well. Distant healings are a good way to send healing remotely. Distant healings can be done during a person’s sleep or while they relax to receive it, or during their daily activities, but some choose to meditate during the session – it is up to them. I have made the odd personal videos for recipients at my convenience, but m not greatly fond of it as it is very time-consuming and I would rather make videos for all on my YouTube Channel.

If you are interested, then please read some of my testimonials; not to bolster my ego, but to demonstrate to you that reiki truly can work for those who are open to it.

How Reiki Works

Reiki heals the whole being physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. Furthermore, the Reiki energy is channelled through the healer into the recipients or client’s subtle energy body and spirit. A Reiki session removes depleted energy to clear and cleanse away any blocked chakras and meridians. This allows for the free flow of Ki energy throughout the entire being. It replenishes any depleted life force energies with new life force energies. This allows for natural healing to take place. Reiki will help the blood to flow more freely to organs and joints to flush out built-up toxins to greatly help bring about balance, peace and harmony between mind body and spirit.

What Can Reiki Heal?

As reiki is holistic, it can provide general healing to a client which will address multiple health issues at a time. Reiki healers do not promise to cure, and despite countless testimonials, there is no guarantee reiki will work. Reiki can, however, bring relief to sufferers of a wide range of symptoms and in many cases bring them greater freedom in life from suffering. Like many therapies, there are some who respond very well to reiki and to whom it can be a life-changing and transformative experience. Sadly, not all respond to reiki in the same way. In some cases, the benefits of reiki are limited. Those who respond well to reiki tend to be those who are most open to receiving it. Those who find virtually no benefits, other than the sense of relaxation and peace during sessions, are usually those with less or no belief in it. Often a person’s mindset or doubt in their own spiritual existence can end up blocking reiki from being received.

Clients in great physical pain may find reiki can help alleviate their suffering, if not permanently then at least for a time. Those with mental imbalances, traumas or who have suffered abuse can often find reiki will bring it to the surface to be released – this can lead to what is known as a ‘healing crisis’ during or after a healing session. This is a natural part of the healing process where reiki draws pains and mental imbalances to the surface to be released. This process is normal; often in the days following a session, so some imbalances both physical and mental can seem to get worse before they improve. This happens as they are drawn to the surface to be released and cleansed away. After this period is up, a client will begin to experience the positive qualities of the session and often feel much better for it.

What is a Reiki Session or Treatment?

Reiki treatments are normally very relaxing to receive. Some clients will sleep during a session as this helps the reiki to work on a deeper level. Most enjoy the sessions and feel a sense of relaxation and peace both during and afterwards. Reiki is also great to relieve the stress and anxiety of our daily lives. The reiki healing room is kept as a clean, warm and welcoming environment for the client. Often, I will play peaceful music and have incense burning or oils during a healing as this can enhance the healing environment and put people more at peace, where they can better relax, which helps the healing a great deal.

What Happen During the Session?

Reiki sessions last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes or longer in some cases. The average session will last between forty-five minutes to an hour. At the start of a session the client and healer will have a conversation discussing what the client’s needs of healing are. Next, a thirty to forty-five minute session of healing is given, where the client will normally lay on a therapy couch or sit on a chair. The healer places their hands on the client in set hand positions in order to best transfer the healing energies – this is known as palm or contact healing. Some reiki healers heal through the aura, or with one hand on the client and the other hand off in the aura. However, I prefer to use palm contact healing as, for me, it is the most powerful way to channel the healing energy into the client. This difference is largely due to personal preferences by different healers, and each work well.

Over sensitive areas on men and women, hands-off healing is given through the aura energy field. I like to speak to my clients in a gentle, whispered way to help them relax for the first few minutes of the healing. Clients often experience the feeling of the healing energies around them; this may feel like a hot or cold sensation, or sometimes tingles and goosebumps. Clients can sometimes feel dark energies being removed from their body and mind during the session, which often feels as though a great burden has been lifted from them. Some will see colours in their mind’s eye or images that represent those things that are being removed. Others might see or feel something that relates to what their healing needs are. After the healing, a glass of water is offered to a client, and the session ends with another short chat. Reiki sessions are normally booked once a week for as many sessions as needed. Both client and healer are free to stop further sessions at any time.

Summing Up

I have helped many people with a very wide range of conditions, ranging from great physical pain to past or present mental issues, such as abuse or PTSD. While I cannot promise that reiki will work for you, I truly believe that if you are open to experiencing the benefits of reiki felt by so many it can change your life and it truly has changed mine for the better.