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Reiki Healing

Neil Cooper Reiki Master Healer & Teacher

Hello friends! My name is Neil Cooper, and I am an international reiki healer and teacher. I am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher in traditional Japanese Usui Shike Ryoho Reiki and Reiki-Seichem. I have been practising spiritual healing since 1995 when I had a spiritual awakening and my interest in all things spiritual began. I Later took my Reiki qualifications in 2015/16. I heal in person or send out distant reiki healing. I also send healing to thousands of people every week on my YouTube Channel. They come from all around the world, and many find my reiki healing videos to be a source of great comfort, relaxation, and relief.

I began learning reiki in 2015, and soon I started my Reiki Level One course in a class of 3 students. I went on to do my Reiki Level Two after a few months, and soon I took my Reiki Master Level and then finally my Reiki Master Teacher Level. I have since taken another Reiki Master Teacher Level in the traditional Japanese “Usui Shike Ryoho Reiki” which was rediscovered and created by the founder of reiki Mikao Usui in the 1920s.

While I had considered myself a good spiritual healer, with each new level of reiki that I took, my healing capabilities increased. It was truly a wonderful journey in which I fell in love with Reiki. I feel reiki has allowed me to connect more deeply with ki/qi the universal life force energy than any other form of spiritual healing. I have had some incredible results with my clients, both in person and through distant healings, which is what makes this passion for healing and helping others so rewarding for me.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of complementary therapy, based on the universal energy healing called Ki in Japan or known as Qi (pronounced ‘chi’). Reiki practitioners and masters use a technique called palm healing, or hands-on healing, through which the universal energy channels through the palms of the hand to the recipient in order to give holistic healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Some healers also may pray for the healing energy to be channelled through them from God.

Reiki was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1920s by Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of modern-day Reiki. The history of Reiki dates back to over 2600 years ago, when Buddhas wrote of reiki as the ‘tantra of the bright shining light’ or ‘lightning flash’. Usui Sensei hoped that Reiki would spread from Japan and bring its healing properties to many worldwide, and it has done so. In many parts of the world today reiki is respected, used and viewed as a legitimate form of spiritual healing and therapy for well-being and to balance the subtle energy body.

Reiki uses symbols to promote certain types of healing. These symbols add more power to a certain area or need and are used in both hands-on and distant healing. Only reiki healers are empowered to use the reiki symbols, an ability received in their attunement to the reiki source energy within the universe.

Reiki energies are spiritual and universal in nature and essence and are received from the healing source, which can be the universe and/or God, depending on belief, either universal or from God both work just as well, no matter the source. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing – in Japanese, the word reiki is composed of ‘rei’, meaning universal or spiritual, and ‘ki’, meaning life force energy. Ki is the same type of energy as Qi (Chi) in China or prana energy in India.

Reiki Healing Sessions with Me

Reiki healing is a holistic treatment that heals the being as a whole and helps natural self-healing to take place when and where it is possible. Healers tap into reiki, which is universal life force energy, also known as Ki in Japan, or Qi/Chi in China, or Prana energy in India. Some healers also pray to God to receive the reiki, which I do, unless asked by the client to only channel it from the universe alone. The healer heals the chakras, meridians, and the energy system including the energy body or spirit of the client. This heals the energy body and in turn, then goes on to heal the physical body and any mental or emotional needs.

Reiki can treat a wide variety of conditions by treating the being as a whole holistically to bring balance and harmony to all aspects of the person, be it mind, body, or spirit. This allows the release and clearing of any blockages, depleted energies, or disharmonies and imbalances, as well as releasing any trapped energies. This can greatly allow and help the free flow of life force energies to flow around the energy being…

And intern this allows blood to flow more freely to places it needs to go to flush out built-up toxins. So, with both life force and blood more freely flowing to vital areas like joints, organs, and general needs, it can help and aid natural self-healing to take place where possible. As healers, we do not say that reiki healing can cure the client’s problems and we don’t promise or claim that it can. However, it is often complementary to well-being and better health. As healers, we are healing channels that allow reiki to flow through us to do what it can to help any needs of healing the client might have.

Reiki can also help in some cases to speed up the natural healing process and the benefits of the healing can often be felt immediately by some. With some people it virtually works wonders, with others it works well, and with a few, it does not seem to work so powerfully, but in most cases, it will help in some ways if the client is open to it. I always say to clients to be open to the healing and if they are ready to start their self-healing journey, then reiki a natural healing method can in many cases help. Reiki is a complementary form of healing and is not meant to replace orthodox medicine, and we always advise clients to continue with their prescribed medication/s and seek a doctor’s opinion if their condition worsens or does not improve.

The healing energy will heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually/or your energetic body if you prefer. You may have asked for help with certain conditions or needs that you have and I will set my intent to help these conditions at the start of the healing, also asking reiki to do so. I will often heal over these areas of need more than once. However, reiki intuitively knows where to go and how best to heal you and is naturally drawn to any needs you have. So, we as healers must trust this. Otherwise, we can get in the way and inadvertently block some of the benefits of the reiki if we try to direct it too much ourselves, which could prevent reiki from healing some of the many other needs you might have. So, we simply lay our hands on or send the healing knowing it knows best how to heal you. I also work with my Master Guide Su Ling, who is a very evolved spirit and an amazingly powerful healer. She will assist me as needed and may help directly at times.

It is often best if you can sit or lie down during the healing and relax to best receive it. It is also fine if you are asleep during the healing. Sometimes, reiki will put you to sleep during a session to access and heal your mind and needs more fully. If you wish to continue with your daily activities during the healing, that is fine, it will still work well, maybe just a tiny bit less powerfully, but still plenty enough.

At the start of the healing, I invoke reiki to come and ask my healing guide to help me heal you for whatever your needs are, and those things you have asked help and healing for. Then I ground and protect you, and then sign in the reiki healing symbols as needed. Sometimes, I use some of the healing symbols again as needed during the healing session. These healing symbols are to aid the healer’s intention to heal different aspects of the client, such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or any energetic needs.

During the healing, you may experience warmth, heat, or cool-to-cold energies flowing within you or over you. Some may see the healing colours in their 3rd eye or eyes. You might also sometimes feel darker or depleted energies being removed and drawn out of you during the healing. If this happens you may experience the condition more prevalently. Sometimes, even pains can become more painful for a time as the needs and conditions are being drawn out and away from you to be released.

These depleted, negative, or even more toxic energies are often removed by reiki directly, or sometimes I cleanse and remove these energies as I become aware of them. Often the client will feel relief once they are gone. This is not always experienced, but the healing will still be powerful in the ways it needs to be. Tingles are another experience you might have, mostly on the surface of your body, but sometimes inside. You may also find you feel very peaceful, calm and relaxed as the session goes on. Sometimes you can feel lightness, even a feeling of floating, or like waves of nice energy washing through or over you. You may also experience heaviness at times and other sensations.

At the end of the healing, I seal the healing in so it stays in you for longer. I then close your energy system to a normal state and ground you back to the earth and the here and now. So that you are not left open or in a more spiritually aware state and can focus more on your earthly life and daily events. The healing will keep working for up to 3-days after the session. If you feel sleepy and have time, have a healing nap for 2 or 3 hours as it does a lot of good if you can, if not don’t worry. Or after the healing, you may feel very vibrant, positive, and full of good energy. Either way, it is what you needed.

After healings with mental and emotional needs, you can have a disturbed night’s sleep, as these needs are coming out more to the surface as they need to be released. Often the next morning you can have a big mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual release. This does not always happen, but when it does it can be mild to quite intense. If intense we call it a reiki healing crisis, and it can vary from mild to acute, even bringing issues to the surface that can be unpleasant to experience before they are released. It can also bring underlying illnesses to the surface that might need treatment or medication, such as a dormant infection. If it does you might need to seek medical help from your doctor…

This is a natural part of reiki and is a way of releasing any trapped energies and disharmonies of mind, body, or spirit from your being, that sometimes might be causing disharmonies in your general well-being and health. Also, any blockages in your energy system might clear. It in most cases only lasts for a few hours or less and is sometimes not very pleasant to go through. But after the release has happened in most cases, people will feel a lot better for getting it out of their system, and this is a big part of your self-healing process. In some cases, a healing crisis can last several days or more. If it were an underlying infection or other illness that is brought to the surface, that would take time to get better through the natural process where possible, and if needed you should always seek your doctor’s opinion and help.

I often say to clients, don’t act too hastily the next day. But the release can make many people wish to do a cleanse. This can vary in many ways from clearing out what no longer serves you in your life. It can vary vastly from clearing cupboards or desks to cleansing people out of your life, who no longer serve a useful purpose to you…

I’ve had people delete 200 friends from Facebook the next day. I also had a man who spoke his mind to his ex-partner the next morning to get unresolved issues off his chest. Others cleanse away old mental and emotional baggage. Some may clean their home or throw out things that do not serve them any longer. People have made big decisions concerning their future or new pursuits they wish to follow. I have had clients that have been told after two or three sessions, how much they have changed, and that they are like a new person for the better and have come out of themselves. Even after sessions, clients have told me they felt great releases and darknesses leaving them during the session and have had smiles on their faces through the sense of great relief and the freedom they are experiencing.

I have given psychic cord-cuttings to many clients to free them of negative connections to a person or relative in their life, or sometimes even a situation. I have helped many over time who have been abused and carry deep traumas within their mind, to help them release many of these traumas. Also, those with painfully chronic physical conditions. Sadly, with physical conditions, it often gives relief for a time, but the condition can return after two to four weeks because it is a deteriorating condition. So, in some cases, reiki can only give temporary relief rather than a cure. And as I have said, we do not promise a cure.

As healers, we always hope it might help lead toward a cure, and by doing so, we are not limiting how much the healing can help each client. However, the healing greatly benefits many clients and lessens their condition to a more manageable state. Much of this is down to the client’s ability to self-heal and this varies from person to person. There are of course clients that responded very well to the reiki treatments and these are the best-case scenarios, as reiki works on different levels with each person, and with some more powerfully than others.

Some have come to me that put little faith in reiki, it is just that they want to try it or sometimes those who have no spiritual beliefs or belief that the universal energies can heal them. In these cases, the reiki is often blocked by their beliefs and spirit or energy being, because they already have doubts about it. So, often the reiki ends up not being able to help them very much, if at all, as it simply does not flow to them or bounces off them back to the healer…

Once, I sent reiki to somebody who did not believe in it and it bounced right back to me and I had to end the healing then and there. So, all that wish healing from me should be open to it and the more open to it you are, the better it often works. If it is asked for somebody else, they should be told and asked if they are willing to receive it or not. If they cannot answer for themselves, such as a stroke patient who is unable to communicate their wishes. I can do a free test to see if their spirit is open to it and willing to receive it or not. If they are, they should be told reiki healing is going to be sent to them, even if they cannot answer or are unconscious.

I email clients after the healing to let them know it has been sent and if anything stood out to me during the session. I sometimes also email a day or two after the session with some new clients as a follow-up to check how things are. If you find you are not coping well or having a big release, such as a healing crisis, you can contact me and I will see if I can help.

Whether or not the client wishes to book further sessions is their decision. It is best to see how the first session works, then you can book more treatments as and when desired. Many conditions can benefit from more sessions. This could be just a few more treatments before the issue is resolved to a satisfactory level. Or the client may need multiple sessions. I have had clients feeling great after three to four sessions, and others a number more. However, some clients need long-term help. Most often with those who need more than one session, I often recommend a weekly reiki treatment when and where possible…

Some with very acute conditions have decided to book two or three sessions a week with me to help them cope. This is often because they are suffering mental traumas or with fairly bad or acute recurring physical illnesses. People often ask me how often they can receive healing. The answer is as often as you need it. So, that could be daily, as reiki will naturally help and then taper off once enough healing is received. The founder of reiki had a healing clinic in Japan and they often healed people with acute conditions up to six times a day. When asked I normally say, every two to three days is plenty often enough for most serious conditions.

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