My Spiritual Awakening

Wonders in my Spiritual Awakening

Soon after my spiritual experience dancing, I was finding my rent hard to afford where I was living. I told my friend at work, Peter, and he said I could rent a room for a small donation in his home. I took up his offer, and a week later, I found out that our paths had been meant to cross. Peter was a very advanced healer, medium and teacher, and he helped me greatly during my own spiritual awakening. All this time at work, I did not have a clue that he was in the least bit spiritual. Peter brought me a clairvoyant message from my dear mother in spirit, who I had lost at the age of 10 years old. It was a lovely message, and I was so glad to hear from her and that she was alive and well in the afterlife.

Soon, Peter told me more about my own gifts and past life and also that Su Ling was my past life spirit wife. Peter and I spent many hours talking about all the spiritual experiences I was having in my awakening. He then guided me on how to best use and develop them. I had a wonderful spiritual awakening and some past life experiences that I talk about more in the video above.

Su Ling my past-life spirit wife

Peter soon told me that I had returned back here from the spirit realms and had a past life and that I have had 5 past lives. Soon I was also to find out Su Ling my Master Spirit Guide was actually my past-life spirit wife. I very soon fell deeply in love with her and I previously had a vision of her three years earlier when she showed me how much she loved me. I had a wonderful time during my awakening.

Aura Portrait Reading For Suling and Neil

Then I left Guildford

After three months, I moved out of Peters home and moved back home to be near my family. Soon after this, I had my own set of problems with spirit and in my own life. I suffered a lot and took on several mental illnesses over the next few years. To this day, I believe this was all meant to be a lesson to me so that I might help others more and become an even better version of myself.

A spiritual awakening for the earth

Peter made me aware that there is a planned spiritual awakening for the Earth that would happen in years to come. This was because we are causing so much pollution and devastation upon the Earth and there have also been so many wars. That intervention to help to guide us back onto a good and much more caring and peaceful path was destined by Father God, for us all who have an interest. The real key the saving this world and ourselves is love and caring.

What I hope

I hope that I may keep getting passed my blockages and be of as much service to my fellow mankind as I can. In time I hope my abilities will come back fully and that I can find a way to reawaken my dormant past life within me as Peter had done so. Then I really wish to share these gifts with those I can help and who are open to them.

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