Here are just a few of the many testimonials and recommendations I have received

In-Person Healings


Due to my health problems, I have decided to try Reiki healing. And what a life changing experience for me! I attended numerous session with Neil and I can truly say, I have experienced different kind of feelings, some very positive – seeing different colours which was reassuring, some painful as my body was releasing negative energy. After the session, I usually felt tired and sleepy which is generally expected (i know every individual might feel different but this was me) but felt very calm and content. After while my health issues improved even that much, that one sort of pain I experienced has gone completely and also my acid reflux cough more or less disappeared. I am hoping to continue with self-healing as Neil advised me. Neil is very professional, welcoming, calm in nature and very knowledgeable. All in all, I cant thank Neil enough. So again, thank you Neil, you have put my life in different perspective and I will continue my life in more holistic way ?.

Truly amazing Reiki healing. I received such deliverance and freedom from my six healing sessions with Neil and I became a student myself. Neil is a compassionate and experienced healer and teacher, one I would highly recommend. Life changing experience.

I contacted Neil as I had been suffering from terrible anxiety and depression due to PTSD from various trauma’s over the years. After not getting much relief going the standard route of medication and counseling, I was willing to try anything to feel better. I thought I would give reiki a try after hearing various people talk about it, and I am so glad i did! After the first session, during which I experienced many colours, Neil did warn me I may have some reaction the next day, and I sure did! I had a massive purge of emotion, so I just rested till it runs it course. Once this had cleared, I felt like something had lifted, and I felt brighter and not so anxious.

The second time, I could actually feel Neil removing something up out of my body, and I felt this blackness leave me. As I left that session, I had to stop myself laughing out loud, as I felt so happy! The third time the blockage in my throat area, like a constant lump in my throat, made me start coughing as Neil unblocked that area. I had not expected to feel anything much, so have been amazed at what I felt during each session. I have become aware that I don’t feel anxious all the time anymore, or any negativity in my day to day life. I just feel me again, and feel more positive and happy to move forward in life. Neil’s calm and caring nature, and knowledge made me feel at ease, and I just trusted him totally to do what he knows best. I am so glad I went to him, as at that point I could see no way forward from my years of anxiety, which had restricted my life so much, in so many ways. I would highly recommend you give it a go, as you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Neil sent me short distance healing for cutting attachment cords. I didn’t know that this would work for me, but I was told that I needed to release some past trauma and despite working on myself through all the relevant avenues, I still couldn’t release myself. I have trained in reiki up to level 2 and also been interested in spirituality, but never knew about cutting cords of attachment (or that it’s what I was experiencing). Before Neil had even messaged me, to tell me he had sent the reiki, I knew I felt different. No more lump in the pit of my stomach it felt lighter and airer. I had no idea despite having trained in reiki that I would experience such an emotional release. Neil is truly gifted and I am very grateful for his time and his generosity of this gift. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

N.B. Claire soon after this started coming to me for healing and she very much benefited from it, going through quite a few positive changes and transitions in her life for the better. -Neil

Dear Neil, I remember contacting you regarding reiki healing, when I was in a bad place after a traumatic incident. I could not move forward and felt stuck. I was very anxious on my first visit, but you made me feel at ease. Healing really helped me I would see colours and feel bad negativity leave. I feel so much better within myself and I take Neil’s advice and meditate which also helps. Thank you for healing and calmness, kind regards Maria.

Sarah Louise Tilsley
Neil is a competent and sympathetic healer who has a calming nature. I was put at ease immediately by his relaxed and friendly manner and felt I was in very safe hands. I really felt the effects and benefits of the treatment and have been back many times over the years that I have known him. Neil is also a reiki Master teacher who really knows his stuff and is a very good meditation guide. I have learnt much from him over the years from his YouTube channel. I would recommend any who wish to learn well or have treatments to go to see him.

Distant Healings


Regarding Neil Cooper’s Distant Reiki Healing

I can say without hesitation that approaching Neil for healing was one of the best, most inspired decisions I have ever made. I have suffered from mental health problems throughout my whole adult life, but in 2019 events unfolded that led me to totally break down in a way I hadn’t before. Over a year later I still felt no better. I discovered Neil on YouTube and felt drawn to him and his healing, so started having one to one distant healing. Things have changed a lot for me since then. My anxiety, depression and agoraphobia have all improved markedly. The days I don’t feel so great are easier to manage as the reiki has helped me find more self acceptance and compassion, for myself as well as others. I feel as if a black cloud has been lifted and I no longer feel constantly weighed down.

I am not totally recovered but I can say with all honesty that my life is vastly improved since working with Neil and my heart is full of gratitude towards him.

Neil has also been of great help to my daughter, she too has left a very dark place and is gaining in confidence and joy.

I have been receiving distant healing from Neil and his spirit guide Suiling since April this year I have nervous disorder and physical pain constantly. Mainly from trauma. After years of disheartening medications with horrific side effects I decided to follow the holistic approach that i had always used alongside of medication. I sat in desperation and spoke to the universe asking for a true healer. I turned my phone on the next day and utubed meditation and there was the master healer before my eyes just as ide asked. I ummed and arred as one with anxiety does and made the decision. I can say without a shadow of a doubt it was the right time for me and Neil is the right healer.

Neil is a humble gentleman with a beautiful soul. Each healing i have had i feel the changes be it being able to shop without a tablet or more movement in my limbs and joints. I’m off the pain relief only a gel. And only on 1 tablet a day for the nervous disorder Neil’s compassion and understanding of grief and trauma is a beautiful gift that he channels bringing me to be present. The healing is so pure and so light it expels fear and releases trauma gradually. My loneliness is becoming oneliness and I feel that I have a deeper knowledge of universal love and compassion. I am so grateful to Neil and Suling for the pure channelling this was the true reason for Mikao Usui’s training. Neil encompasses his teachings with a humble and pure heart  and a knowledge beyond this life.

Best wishes dear Neil ?

YouTube Comments


This was so BEAUTIFUL! ? Never have I felt so connected watching Reiki and or ASMR as I did watching this. You are AMAZING my friend! I cried tears that I’ve been holding back for so so long .. it was ..just WOW! I felt so much peace and love by the end of it! Sending u MANY?MANY?HUGS And MUCH♥️MUCH♥️LOVE my friend? Definitely subscribing ?

I was skeptical about “remote” Reiki. I was searching for something else when I stumbled into the reiki-related channels. I didn’t intend to open your channel, but the universe evidently did. It’s quite as if by magic this opened. When I moved to return to the search, spirit stayed my hand. I wasn’t able to exit. Very weird. I’m glad spirit knows better than I, and I at least know when it’s time to release the reigns, as it were. Your voice has qualities that it penetrates my subconscious, ego-based defences, like very pleasant darts that carried in soothing and calming energy. I’m pleasantly surprised. I can only imagine that a personal session would be transformative. Thank you for being. Aloha.

Blessings to You Neil. I am a chronic pain sufferer, who takes no meds. I feel great relief listening to your meditations. Peace, Love and Light to You.

I cannot express how much your videos help me and I can document they normalize my blood pressure when it is high within MINUTES… crazy, but true!

This was wonderful! You have a very wonderful gift and a soothing voice to match such calming energy. I was having some pretty scary chest spasms causing me to freak out (family history of heart disease). I was able to not only relax but the spasms stopped completely and I feel so much better! Thank you so much for sharing this video. I look forward to doing this meditation again tomorrow!

Neil you are the most beautiful person, when you smile at us I feel like crying because I can feel your wonderful energy and kindness, I get the strangest tingling and pulling sensation like my spirit is being pulled out of my body is this normal?? It is a bit scary the sensation but feels wonderful at the same time xxx